About Us

Who We Are

Pak-Hub is a digital platform, which aims to act as a tie to connect our Urdu-speaking Overseas Pakistani fellow men. Its primary purpose is to provide a platform where people can connect, educate, and communicate their problems with each other. Our main aim is to educate the community and offer them awareness about their issues and give them the best possible solutions with experts’ opinions.

We are not only introducing the Pakistani experts settled abroad or living in Pakistan via our digital platforms to share their opinions but also welcome other communities to share their expert opinions.

We are endeavouring to make a profound, positive impact through the power of our digital platform.

Our vision is to build a long-lasting connection between our fellow men around the world to unite them and to solve their problems. As united, we can help people in a way we couldn’t as individuals. PAK-HUB is a self-sustained, devoted, trustworthy, progressive website for the economic and social wellbeing of Overseas Pakistanis as it works as a bridge to provide solutions to the problems faced by Overseas Pakistanis and their families living in Pakistan.

PAK- Hub’s mission is to educate the problems faced by overseas Pakistanis and their families effectively. Through this platform, we are trying to spread awareness beyond the biases.