Fashion and Beauty: Mixing East with West


When you think about the eastern and the western way of life, dressing and culture. The two are at a crossroads, and each side has its norms which are totally different but unique in its own way. That was a long time though, in the present and the near future, the world seems to be moving in the same direction and everyone else follows suit. This also involves the fashion industry, where fashion statements are being highlighted by combining different designs with a taste of eastern and western trends.

Fashion fusion for menswear

Menswear fashion fusion is a very unique and trendy style at the moment. Most people will tend to use eastern material and incorporate western ways of design. Alternatively, use the east fashion trends on western wear. However you find it best, the results are always marvellous. Keep in mind that a trend isn’t really a fashion frenzy until you accessorize and get a complete look. Men have a range of east-west fashion trends to implement and get heads turning as they stroll through the streets.

Trending tips for menswear:

  • The most common would be mixing eastern wear for the upper body and western bottom wear—for example, an Asian kurta paired with jeans. To make the look even cooler, try different patterns and clothing material for a finished look.
  • The footwear you match with your outfit matters a lot and, depending on the look, will add a fashion sense to your style. If you are onto eastern wear, try some western footwear, e.g. loafers and if you are on western wear, try matching that with men sandals.
  • The other thing to keen on is the accessories. It can either be incorporated into your outfit through the fabric and cuts or rather use external accessories. This would include; a nice watch, scarfs, glasses, wristbands and chains. To add to the look, you can add a stylish bag.

Ladies eastern-western fashion trends

Women become more conscious when it comes to fashion trends.  It doesn’t really matter what she puts on as long as it’s well-accessorized; everyone will always note. There’s not much difference in how women incorporate east-west fashion trends from how men do it. The aim is always to mix and match the two trends and form one complete look. Well-known designers and stylists have also embraced the trend and will create new clothes with a speck of each culture. The most famous female product that was created with this fashion trend is the kimono.

Trending tips for women clothing:

  • To get noticed and make a fashion fusion statement, you need to dress differently. Most women tend to follow a stereotype fashion, which makes no much difference, apart from print and colour.
  • Accessorize as much as you can, but don’t overdo. Nowadays, women can combine different necklaces, earrings, bracelets to complement a look. It’s no different when you wear you wear a fusion trend. The art of accessorizing is the same, only on another pair of clothes.
  • Be bold. Don’t fret about fashion ideas. What I love about women is that they have a genius mind for fashion tastes and trends. So it’s not a challenging task for them to take different pieces and create something extraordinary. Try out different outfits, accessorize and spike it with some of the latest fusion trends for a new look. 

Kids fashion fusion trends

Kids also have their own east-west fusion trends that are cute, amazing and adorable at the same time.  Different fusion combos such as; bright colors with different prints and prints from different worlds are all trending for the kids’ fashion. Kids don’t really need much accessorizing, so their fusion trend is a bit simple and cuts for top class fashion news. Whether a boy or girl, dress them up in any clothing’s with incorporated east-west fashion designs and the look will be a statement on its own.

Trending tips for kids wear:

  • Try bright colours, like lemon yellow, lime green, peachy pink. They all look fabulous on babies. Kids clothing is always about colour, and fusing the east-west trend is yet another opportunity to make the kids wear blossoming. 
  • Incorporate a mature look minutely. This practice involves thinking about what a grown-up would wear and improvising that in kidswear. The look is always appealing and sophisticated yet very sweet.
  • Seek comfort and style. As much as the fusion trend is on for kids, look for clothes that have style and comfort for your little one to wear. Accessorize a bit with the shoes and headbands that are in a manner for the final touch.

The fashion fusion trend is dominating the market, and designers have considered the various embroidery, prints and fashion sense styles. They have incorporated them in their designs and added a modern look to fit all kinds of people. There’s always a little bit of fusion fashion trends for everyone in the fashion industry. Get yours today.

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