How to Protect Our Body from Sunshine & its Harmful Effects in Summer

Not everyone is child enough to enjoy the perks of summer vacations. People need to go out in the sun and perform their jobs. They also need to enjoy their time on the beach as well. Unfortunately, sun rays hitting the ground at the angle of 90 degrees make it impossible to go out during summers. Well, there is no need to worry at all. One only needs to act upon specific precautionary measures for staying safe in the Sunshine.

Side effects of sunlight on your body

Sunburn, immediate and painful, isn’t the sole results of excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation rays. Over the years, extended exposure to the sun and repeated sunburn end up in accelerated skin ageing and a weakened system. In some cases will cause skin cancers and cataracts. It can also lead to visual disorder.

Drink Enough Water

Doctors around the globe recommend using too much water. In the winter season, people are advised to drink at least 8-9 glass of water per day. During summers and especially in a heatwave, water requirements get increased up to 3-4 litres. People, while basking under the hot sun, forget to keep their bodies hydrated enough. Consequently, they face complications like kidney diseases and other related disorders. Lack of water in the body also results in the thickening of blood and conditions like jaundice. People, who find it hard to drink water after regular intervals, can go for other alternates. For example, they can eat food rich in water or choose to include a top portion of salads in their diet.

For instance, food like cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce and green leafy vegetables can serve the purpose in the best way.

Make sure to balance Sunshine and shade

Before you decide to go out, make sure you know the most vulnerable time. From 11 Am to 3 pm, the sun shines at its peak. Such precaution is necessary for people who are more likely to catch the effects of heat. It is a fact that sun heat serves as the best source of Vitamin D. The nutrient aids in the growth of bones and help patients suffering from diseases like osteoporosis. In addition, patients, who suffer from chronic joint pains, can get relief by exposing their body parts to the sun heat.

Such benefits should not compel anyone to stay under the sun for hours. The reasons are apparent. Too much exposure to heat simply causes skin damage. Apart from this, UV radiations emitting from the sun can cause diseases like cancer. Moreover, it is not a hidden fact that the Ozone layer which bars UVs to reach the Earth is weakening every day. So, it is better to keep the sun exposure to the sun as much calculated as possible.

Stay Safe for Using Sunscreen

At this stage, it would be useless to mention how extreme exposure to sunlight can be dangerous for the skin. It is not all about UV radiation that can cause chronic diseases. The worse can happen in the form of sunburn. The precaution is particularly for ladies who remain under the sun for hours to tan the skin. They don’t know that such tanning effort can result in skin damage.

Further sunburn is also not such easy to cure. Hence, to be on the safe side, one should use good sunscreen. Keep in mind that sunblock creams are not enough precautionary measure. Ultra Violet radiations can easily make their way through to the skin layer. Apart from this, sunscreen doesn’t remain perfect for everyone. Here is a tip for you. Try to apply natural stuff. Tomato juice or a different solution of lemon with other ingredients can do sufficient work to keep the skin protected. The very excellent aspect of natural products is that they don’t have any side effects.

Do wear a sun hat

In summers sun hat is not a necessity; it is a way to wear the style. A stylish hat with a wide brim serves the purpose quite well by shielding the sunlight. Such caps serve as a good beach companion as well. Another good goal of a hat is that it keeps the head protected. After all, there is no way to apply any cream on the head skin.

Wear sunglasses

After the skin, the other vulnerable parts are the eyes. Radiations upon reaching the eyes can result in the formation of cataracts as well. Apart from causing such complication, sun rays also result in blockage of vision as well. It doesn’t matter if anyone has vision issues; wearing quality shades in the sun is necessary. It is better to choose those shades that match with dressings and go well with caps and hats. Such precautionary measures to stay safe from sun heat offer you plenty of options for staying calm.

Happy little girl with big sunglasses looking at the sun

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